Dog friendly beaches

All of the beaches featured here welcome dogs so you can find the perfect sandy playground to run and play with your pet. Some beaches do have seasonal restrictions and wherever possible, this information will be provided, however we always advise that you check with the local tourist board for the most up to date status.

If you’re a dog lover who loves the beach, you’ll find everything you need at We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a series of dog-friendly beach guides for some of the most stunning coastal regions in the UK. Whether you fancy the dramatic beauty of Cornwall, the sandy shores of Norfolk, the picturesque coves of Pembrokeshire, the quaint charm of Dorset or the surfing vibe of Devon, we’ve got the perfect beach for you and your pooch.

Each guide features a range of beaches that are open to dogs all year round or have certain times when they can visit. You’ll also get a useful map that helps you locate each beach and shows you how to get there. And that’s not all – you’ll also find out everything you need to know to make your trip hassle-free, such as parking options, nearby facilities, dog waste disposal and water sources.

With, you can have a fun and relaxing holiday with your furry friend. No more stress about finding a suitable beach, planning your activities or keeping your dog entertained. Just grab your bags, your leash and your dog and hit the beach!